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Saturday, November 12, 2016


after so log. hello :)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

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hello kitty is hereeee!!!

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Friday, August 3, 2012

yo soy betty la fea - part 1

some of you might already know that i am officially now one of the GIGI BESI girl! hehe

its all started few months ago bila tiba2 terdetik nak pakai braces.
the decision made was so sudden. yes that's it! i'm gonna get my own braces!
apa sebab suddenly nak pakai braces? itu nnt aku cerita lg 2 tahun bila aku dh bukak braces ok? tehee!
at the moment, semua gmba kene amik dr kanan. sbb kiri gigi gongak! :P

so, segalanya bermula on 25th may. made an appointment dekat dentist lita alis dekat bangi.
but then, terkecewa.
disebabkan my teeth's condition were quite complicated ( i have missing tooth which didnt come out since i was little!, having micro tooth which is smaller than ordinary tooth and ada lah lagi beberapa masalah ), and itu cuma ordinary dentist, so doctor lita kata dia tak boleh buat.
she recommended me to go to the specialist.

on the same day, aku pegi pulak ke kajang.
searching for klinik pakar ortodontidik wong.
bermulalah semuanya!
lps discuss psl harga apa semua w the nurse, then jumpa doctor pulak for consultation.
bla bla bla and aku terpaksa cabut 3 gigi! i wasnt bother sgt pon about the teeth extraction.
tp papa tanya kat doctor, kalau x cabut gigi x boleh ke? and the doctor cerita lah pros and cons nya.
if x cabut gigi, nnt gigi mmg tersusun, tp bak kata doctor " nnt akan jd jongang terbalik !"
kehkehkeh. 1st time ever aku dgr term tu!
doctor tu comel je aku rasa cuba nak ckp fully in malay.
dia sebenarnya nak kata yg kalo x cabut gigi, nnt gigi bwh akan terkedepan sikit and itulah maksudnya dgn jongang terbalik ye.

lps consultation, doctor kata, takpa, dia kasi masa utk fikir dlu.
no consulatation fee will be charged. serious doctor ni best!
masa aku pegi lita alis yg dia takat tgk gigi aku gitu2 je and x jd buat braces tu pon dia dh charge rm10!
then, papa kata, x payah la pikir2, proceed je lah sbb dh mmg aku nak buat kan.

jadi, bermula lah langkah pertama!
buat study model.

made of clay rasanya.
buat bende ni utk doctor tgk condition gigi dgn lg detail.
supaya dia boleh decide bebetul mcm mana dia nak rearrange gigi2 tu nnt.
buat ni agak sakit jugak sbb doctor tu tekan bukan main kuat to make sure clay tu ikut bebetul shape gigi.
and this cost me rm 120

stay tuned for next step! :)